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Two Teams Merge

In recent times there has been difficult situations for two teams in the Aus/NZ iRacing community, recent upheavals warranting change and restructuring. In the midst of this time of change, the two friendly teams made the decision to change together.

We announce that GT Omega Racing AU / NZ and Dayco Motorsport have united under a single banner: Fusion SimRacing.

The teams will keep their unique names on track, but behind the scenes have effectively combined, putting heads together on matters such as setups and improving performance. With that said, new liveries have been made for majority of the cars. The first off the rank HPD and Daytona C7 Corvette.

HPD Blue

                                                                                                                                                        C7 Vette 

















The goal of Fusion SimRacing is to become one of Oceania's top sim racing teams, with campaigns in the Australian Endurance Championship and the V8 Supercar Online Premier Series. The two teams that form this new collective have already established themselves among the Aus/NZ sim racing community and with coming together as one, hope to take their past successes even further.

Head to Fusion SimRacing's Facebook (LINK) and give them a like to follow our exploits. Here's to a fun and successful 2016.

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