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V8SC Ready For War

The V8 Supercar Online Premier Series, one of Australian sim racing community's biggest, most competitive and most prestigious championships is starting this weekend. Fusion SimRacing's drivers have gotten into full swing preparing for the series, and their goals are set to make a big statement for the 2016 season.

After a day of last minute changes, plus new drivers coming aboard pushed back the official release a day for the release of the cars, while our paint designer was working overtime to get them finished and signed off. One part of FSR's statement is true and that's our striking, neat and clean new liveries.

V8SC Red



V8SC Blue

We are immensely happy and excited with the V8SC paint jobs, which have captured the essence of all the teams comprising FSR, and which complement our great sponsors perfectly. A massive thanks go out to our good friend Rens Broekman for painting these brilliant-looking virtual machines.

Onward we go into V8SCOPS, and the first night of pre-qualifying with the aim to make the top 40 or at least the top 80, turning heads in the teams new war paint.


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