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How-To: Analogue pedal overlay in OBS

I have received a number of requests recently asking for an overview or guide on how to get analogue pedal information into an OBS stream which can be seen a the bottom of the screen capture above.  This is a how to guide on how I went about making this happen.  The difficulty of this guide is a 2 out of 10 and only takes a few minutes.  The software used in this guide is not supported.

The Final Result:




This guide assumes you have iRacing, OBS and iAppStarter installed and working on your PC.


Step 1:

Head over to Grimzentide's GitHub page and download the latest release of his 'Stream iRacing Pedal Telemetry App' and unzip it to a location of your choice.  This is a 1 file application called pedals.exe.


Step 2:

Launch iAppStarter, add a new row and browse to the location of pedals.exe from step 1.  Ensure the 'Enabled' and 'Auto Close' check boxes are ticked.  This will automatically load the pedal telemetry app when you join an iRacing session.  Note: If you have never used iAppStarter before, you need to load this application before launching iRacing.  Alternatively you can set up your PC to have it load when you turn your computer on.


Step 3:

Click the start button for the application on iAppStarter which will launch a view that looks graph like.


Step 4:

Launch OBS.


Step 5:

In the sources box, click the plus sign to add a new source and select 'Window Capture'


Step 6:

In the new dialogue box, select 'Create New' and give it an appropriate name and ensure that 'Make source visible' is checked and then click 'OK'.


Step 7:

In the 'Window' drop down box, find '[pedals.exe]: iRacing Pedals'.  If this is not found, ensure Step 3 was completed and successful.  Now click OK


Step 8:

Resize and relocate the window to your desired location.  For best results, right click the graph area and select 'Transform' > 'Edit Transform...' and crop out everything excluding the graph plot area.

The end result should look something like this.  Note:  I have resized the graph area to a size larger than I normally would for the purposes of this guide.


Step 9:

Given the white background looks terrible, we will set up a chroma filter to remove it from the screen.

Right click the pedal telemetry source and select filters


Step 10:

Click the plus symbol at the bottom left and select 'Chroma Key' and click OK with the default name.


Step 11:

In the 'Key Color Type' drop down select 'Custom', click the 'Select Color' button, choose white as the color and click OK

Step 12:

Click Close


Step 13:

Load up iRacing and test.

The Final Result:



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