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Race Wrap - R8 V8SCOPS


As the team looks back over the weekends racing, we all agreed it had one common theme, we learned!!! A good start saw Josh Burdon in split 2 of V8 Supercar Online Premier Series take out another podium position finishing behind TTR's Stephen Clark.

For the main split, it was a race of could have been. Will Dodd suffering from internet issues during practice and unable to set a lap time down in qualifying started out in P39, while a little further up the field Kurt Stenberg started P23, right behind Scott Stephens in P21.
Strategy played a big role in the outcome of the race and after evaluation, the guys were slightly off with their ideas, sometimes falling back 5-10 seconds over their competitors.
None the less, Kurt had a great points haul, crossing the line in P14, Scott in P22 and Will P24. All 3 cars within the top 25 at the elite level of iRacing's V8SC.

Lots of information gathered and we have all really learned from the race and can now take that into the next round and push for the top 15 positions.

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