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Race Wrap - V8SCOPS Endurance Season - Bathurst 1000


In what has turned out to be one of the most incredible V8 Supercar Online Premier Series Bathurst 1000 races so far, it has concluded, with Fusion SimRacing on the podium!

The team was not overly feeling confident in the lead up to the biggest race of the year, issues with setup for the track dominating the conversation. But once the flag dropped, so did the hammer.

The #93 of Lord and Connors had a great qualifying make it into the top 15 shootout on Saturday, but technical problems befell them and they were out of the race before the halfway mark.

Stenny and Mat piloting the #47, had an eventful race from P24. Collisions with cars and objects left the duo believing that their race was done, but some solid driving with a damaged car almost netted #47 a top 10 finish. 13th was the final position, a great result nonetheless.

But the biggest start to finish conversion happened in the #9, managing a 15th place thanks to the efforts of Shepherd and Dodd. A major result considering the car started 40th on the grid. Brilliant fight back lads, showing that staying out of trouble is key at Bathurst!

The #82 of Stephens and Brennan gradually climbed up the field after starting from 27th. After running in and around the top 10 for much of the last half of the race, they found themselves in the top 5 thanks to risk avoidance and keeping the car clean. Then, in what is one of the most dramatic finishes to the race, 4th position blew a engine, 2nd and 3rd positions collided at the cutting on the last lap and they became hugely damaged. The #82 came through to finish a surprise 2nd place! Both Brennan and Stephens drove faultlessly all race, kept out of trouble, chose their battles wisely and barely had a mark on the car after 161 laps. Their pit strategy was nothing short of amazing, with Stephens doing a triple stint through the middle of the race and handing over to Brennan to bring the car home. The team is still riding the high!

This was a true team effort, and we could not have done it without the effort of all drivers involved. Everyone had their part to play, and we all share in this achievement. Congratulations to ANZ Motorsports on their victory, and to V8 Sleuth Racing on their great third place.

Final results:
#82 - 2nd
#47 - 13th
#9 - 15th
#93 - 43rd (retired)

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