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Race Wrap - ESCC R2


A tough weekend for the team, stretched for man power, but we fought on like warriors and got some outstanding results.

What was a tough weekend for the team, sure brought us all closer together as we worked with what we had to put some serious silverware in the trophy cabinet. The team was stretched pretty hard over the weekend for man power, drivers off doing real world racing, recovering from surgery, commitments to commentary to name a few.
Entering the ESCC championship and also the V8 Supercar Online Premier Series for Round 1, we were pressed hard, but we came together and worked our butts off.

ESCC Round 2, 10 hours of Road America, kicked off at 9am, 3 teams, 8 drivers and lots of strategy to work through. the guys had plenty of pace and showed that during qualifying, sitting front row of Class A & B. Unfortunately the #348 had a pit lane start after a mishap in FP2.
Many ups and down for the 3 teams, some fantastic fuel saving, absolute fast driving, strategy calls through out and most importantly keeping out of trouble where possible was key to a great result.
Special shout out to Andy and Damien who came to our aid and gave us the ability to enter our #347 car too. Without these guys, our race may never had started, thanks guys.

Results for ESCC:
Class A: Fusion SimRacing #145 - P1
Class B: Fusion SimRacing #347 - P2
Class B: Fusion SimRacing #348 - P4

We would like to thank Redback Racing Team - RRT & Pro Force Racing for awesome battles, great racing, hard, tough and on the limit especially that last 2.5 hours. Great stuff guys.

It was a mixed turn out for the V8 Supercar Online Premier Series unfortunately. 4 drivers making the cut in a intense pre-qualifying sessions, with only 3 drivers able to make it to the races. Two drivers having massive issues, landmines hitting cars, screen issues to name a few. Will Dodd having a great run, moving up 3 places to finish P18.

Real world racing and Josh's team couldn't be more happier, nor could we for them.
Formula Vee: Pole Position and 4/4 race wins
HQ: Pole Position and 3/3 race wins

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