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Race Wrap - ESCC R6 & V8SCOPS R6


What a weekend it was, great rewards for the team. Sunday was race day and it brought rewards. Will and Josh both making it through V8 Supercar Online Premier Series pre-qualifying for Sundays race at Okayama. Steady and consistent lap times saw the two be very competitive moving up through the field with some fantastic passing and great driving. Josh stormed into the top ten to finish on the podium in P3 and Will moving up 5 spots with yet another solid drive to just shy of the ten in P13.

While the v8's were going the the start of Selby Acoustics ESCC Endurance couldn't be the same. Great qualifying, saw Craig smash the Class A field, taking pole by just short of 1 second. The GT3 field saw a FSR 2-3 on the grid. The start of the race though went pair shaped straight away, with Scott behind the wheel of the #348 car, he had no feedback whats so ever and had to pit before the green flag, tech issues stopped Alex from getting behind the wheel leaving the #347 to only two drivers. On the opening lap, Trent in the #347 had wheels on the dirt and couldn't pull it up, a spin and lost time to the Pro Force Racing #385 class leader. To top this off, Craig in the lead HPD had a moment into the last chicane, unfortunately a pit required.

The fight back was on with both Craig and Josh setting humdingers for the rest of the race to eventually take the lead and drive away from the field. The GT3 teams just didn't have the pace and consolidation for the podium was a must. Some great strategy and fuel numbers by crew chief Heath, saw the HPD #145 continue their form and went onto win by a lap and additional pit stop. Just dominating pace and drive all weekend from the #145 team. The GT3 field while small, it still gave us a dream run of a double podium in class and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the team with all 3 cars on the podium.













Well done to TD Racing, Redback Racing, Arm Racing and Pro Force Racing on the podium places, only 3 rounds to go and the ESCC championship is still alive and up for grabs.

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