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Race Wrap - OEC R2


Oceanic Racing's second round of the OEC was one that the team went into optimistic of their chances. Every car had pace coming into the round at Indianapolis. However, despite our HPDs qualifying 2nd and 3rd, and Alex Bird putting the GT3 on pole, the #245 squad did not have the best time of it, qualifying at the rear of the GTE grid.

It was Performance Sim Sports who brought the goods for the overall pole, edging us out by three tenths. The guys in the #97 were the faster car all day, and wasted no time on the race start. Craig Edwards managed to stay in touch until Rhys Gardiner took leave of his commentary duties with v8sonline, to prepare to take over car #45. Unfortunately an incident while lapping the Nutters Motorsport HPD landed #45 a penalty - and when coming in to serve it, Craig hit a bump on pit entry that spat the car back out onto the track before the cones. It was going to be a difficult race from here on out, but #45 just managed to stay in touch with the leaders.

Meanwhile, car #54 - driven by Warren Pickering, and Colin and Tim Schwecke - drove a consistent race, sliding back to 6th but keeping their competitors honest, Tim fighting hard with Dynamic Sim Racing Motorsports' Gary Hamilton in the opening stages.

#245 had a quiet race, picking up positions as they pushed on despite a car that wasn't cooperating with them. And the #445 had a hell of a fight on their hands, sparring with TrixX-DRD Motorsports for the win in a reduced GT3 field.

But it all went off in the final ninety minutes of the race. The #54 was involved in a monumental crash with two GTEs at the final corner that brought out the safety car. the #245 was almost involved in the same incident, just ducking to the bottom of the banking in time to avoid the out of control HPD. Unfortunately, Warren and the Schwecke brothers were too damaged to continue, having used their fast repair early on, and retired from the race.

After another green flag period, the #445 also suffered a blow to their campaign - a collision with an ARM Racing GTE sending them into a compromising position. Unfortunately, this brought out the second safety car of the race, and ended the GT3 boys' chances of a race win. They would eventually finish 2nd in GT3.

















During the final stages of the race, the PSS #97 HPD was landed with a penalty from Race Control while still in the lead, which allowed #45 through to take it. Craig Edwards would cross the line in 1st overall, making it back to back victories for the team in this class.

Finally, the #245 crossed the line 8th in GTE, an improvement on their starting position. Trent Thomas and Matthew Barron would later discover that the car looked odd compared to the other Fords. The right setup had been loaded on the car, but evidently something had been altered in the suspension settings. Something to look into for the next round at Spa, coming up very soon.

FSR will see you there on the 19th of November! Make sure to catch us on the v8sonline broadcast.

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