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Race Wrap - AMF GT3 Dev Series R8

Round 8 of the AMF GT3 Development series took place on Sunday Night at Oulton Park, with all competing FSR drivers making it to the top split in Qualifying. Only a storming mic-drop lap from RPR’s Wayne Hewitt could stop the FSR train in qualifying with Trent, Alex, Warren, and Craig securing 2nd-5th place. Andy headed the AM field in 11th, and Brock qualified for the top split in 21st position, not apparently destined for an interesting race - yet.
At the race start Wayne Hewitt lagged out severely, missing the start entirely and causing a concertina down the whole right line of the grid. Despite some overzealous moves from Alex, the field managed to make it through at least one corner before Schrodinger’s Wayne appeared dead in the fence.

After the eventful start the two Mercedes of Trent and Warren set a pace at times faster than the qualifying pole lap, until tyre fall off and some minor mistakes caused Warren to fall back towards Alex and Craig’s Audi and Ferrari. Oulton Park being as tight and narrow as it is, the status quo remained until the pitstops…except for Brock Cremer. Starting from 21st, Brock was initially conservative, but after avoiding a BMW shaped missile early on, turned on the pace and the consistency and was in 12th by the halfway mark. Having left many in his wake, Brock was confronted with a significant gap to the cars in front after the pitstop, the stretching of the field in the early part meant his team mates even appeared in front of him the lap before his stop. That meant the climb up the field was over, and he finished in 12th, after a very impressive climb up the field.

Meanwhile at the front of the race Trent had cruised away to a 6 second lead over Warren, whose questionable tyres had him swarmed by Alex and Craig as all three cars piled into the pitlane. In a desperate attempt to chase Trent, Alex drove the pitlane without the limiter, risking it all to jump Warren at the stop. Aided by a poor box exit from Warren, it was the Audi that came out in front.
Alex was able to pull away and even slightly dent Trent’s lead as Trent got busy with backmarkers and making sure that Wayne Hewitt’s repaired RPR BMW went back in the fence where fate felt it apparently belonged. Simultaneously, Warren continued to hold off Craig, up until 10 minutes to go when an incident at the tyres left Craig with a meatball and an eventual 8th place, right behind Andy in 7th, who had quietly crushed the AM field yet again – 10 seconds ahead of his nearest competition in class.

Up front the Fusion SimRacing guys collectively slowed to collect Warren and execute a formation finish, sealing both the race and series overall win for Trent with a final stamp of dominance. We look forward to next weekend at Mount Panorama, Bathurst.


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