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Race Wrap - AMF GT3 Dev Series - Season 5 Round 1

Round 1 of Season 5 found 7 drivers from Fusion SimRacing take on a very competitive field at the Nürburgring on the Grand-Prix-Strecke layout. All 7 drivers made it into the top split with Alex Bird, Trent Thomas and Craig Edwards representing the Elite class, Scott Stephens, Scott Goodman and Heath Brennan in the Pro class and Brock Cremer rocking it in Amateur.

Alex took his Ferrari out onto the very busy race track and managed to secure pole position by 0.2 seconds over Craig. Heath would start from the second row in 4th with Trent in 7th after destroying his first qualification lap in the last sector. Both Scott's and Brock would be found starting in the mid field after a tough session.

The start of the race up front was as expected with the leaders getting away cleanly and into single file with ease. The real skill and action as usual happens in the mid field with Scott Stephens moving up the inside of Brock after he failed to go in a timely manor on green. Scott's good start continued with another two cars passed by the end of the first lap.

At the start of the second lap Scott's run of luck would run out with a mysterious crash that caused his car to sharply turn right and find the barrier. The barrier then sent him into another car at the apex of turn 1 which would send them into orbit. Meanwhile Alex at turn 4 was in the prime location to see Yuri Gregarin's return to orbit as he bounced across the track. Sadly this took out Scott's best chance of a good result and would eventually putt around to finish the race in 36th position.

Early on the in the race Trent was engaged in an early battle with Andrew Welter and Javan Wood. Trent would eventually try a move on Andrew but lost too much time and never really recovered. A few incidents in front of Brock meant he was easily moving up the field but at the front, Craig was losing touch with 2nd place after a slowdown at the Schumacher Esses.

Alex was knee deep in a tyre management war with Craig and Steve Latimore, gradually extended gap over the race by minimising mistakes. Brock was making his way through the field and found himself in 10th and was preparing for the first mandatory pit stop. Trent's pit lane adventure turned bad after entering too fast and gained a 15 second penalty. His desire to make up the lost time caused him to spin in the Arena section of the track. Scott Goodman in Pro class showed why he is considered a pro by successfully pulling off an undercut to make up further positions. Brock pulled up too short in his pit and had to have a second go at taking on fuel. Alex threw out the pit limiter and used his right foot to gain an additional time advantage in pit lane.

The last stint to the flag saw Latimore making no mistakes despite significant pressure from Craig, which meant there was no chance to make a move. Brock would maintain the gap to the cars in front and behind with Scott Goodman running consistent pace and managed to finish in a satisfactory position.

Heath did not crash.

Alex Bird - 1st overall and 1st in class
Craig Edwards - 3rd overall and 3rd in class
Trent Thomas - 11th overall and 9th in class

Heath Brennan - 4th overall and 1st in class. This result would see Heath being promoted to the Elite class for the next round.
Scott Goodman - 17th overall and 3rd in class
Scott Stephens - 36th overall

Brock Cremer - 18th overall and 3rd in class

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