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Bathurst 12 Hour - It's P2!!!

The iRacing Bathurst 12 Hour has been run and the team and drivers couldn't be happier with the result. Entering one car this race and the team decided to bring the old trusty Mercedes-AMG GT3.

Last years setup created a great base to start from and found only minor tweaks were needed to be up to speed and forgiving around the concrete walls.

Starting the race out from 53rd position, Josh made quick work of the cars in front of him and picking off each driver as the sun came up and things became easier to see. By the end of his double stint and two and a bit hours down, we knew it was going to be a long race.

Working through the middle section of the race saw Scott and Alan and Nathan jump in for their stints. The FSR #222 had nicely moved into fighting for out right win after being at one stage a lap down on P1 and 2. We just had to keep pressing and applying pressure.

The car worked faultlessly throughout the hotter track temps, with most of the time being the fastest or second fastest car on track. We were gapping all the cars behind us and catching the leader some 1 minute 30 odd seconds in front of us.

Going into the final hours and we were still pushing, but being very cautious around majority of the other cars, in the hope not to end up in pit lane with repairs.
After 12 hours of driving, of staying clear of other cars, the walls and some crazy people, maybe even a simulated kangaroo, FSR crossed the finish line in P2.
An outstanding result, another trophy to the cabinet, the guys and team were ecstatic.

Congratulations to Evolve Sim Racers on taking out the race, starting in P2 and finishing in P1. Great battle with you all race, just got that margin out at the start and we couldn't pull it back.
Well done to Schubert Motorsport Simracing Team on round out the podium in P3.

A huge thank you to our sponsors.
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