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RPR Porsche Cup Series - R3

Round 3 in season 17 of Red Pepper Racing's Tuesday night league found Brock Cremer and Warren Pickering take the starting line on a very hot and slippery track.

Warren had an excellent qualifying session and managed to put his car on the second row in position 3, however Brock was simply trying to set a time and managed 16th.

The start was rather calm and people gave each other plenty of room as they headed up the hill into turn 1 and 2.  Brock went in the middle to take it three wide, survived and then gained a few positions as cars in front of him spun or went straight on after locking the brakes.

Warren's race would end early with a heavily damaged car, however Brock pressed on with slightly bent steering after finding the wall when running wide on the second last corner.

Running long on his fuel strategy, Brock was one of the last people to pit and came out in P11. Another crash by a car in front gifted him 10th where he would take the checkered flag.

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