Aussie Mixed & Fixed Iracing League Season 11 - Round 1

Aussie Mixed & Fixed Iracing League Season 11 - Round 1

AMF has gone big this season, many new names, new teams all entering the GT championship. FSR having 5 drivers within the series so far and have a very good chance of doing well and securing a couple of class championships.

For round 1, we saw 3 drivers competing across 2 splits. As a late entry and no laps under his belt, Josh Burdon landed himself a split 2 start, while Nathan Huppatz and Scott Stephens made split 1. Unfortunately Josh was unable to make the race start due to technical issue and will bounce back in round 2.

For Nathan and Scott, the race start was critical and staying clean and getting a good track position was key. A spun car and another on its roof at the hair pin on lap 2 saw the safety car out and strategy was pivotal, Nathan electing to pit and Scott staying out moving himself from 36th to 9th.
Race re-start and the battle was on, Nathan moving swiftly through the field and Scott maintaining a top 10 position. Scott deciding to pull the pin and pit, dropping back through the order down to 38th position, the decision to stay out wasn't the right one. Nathan however made the right decision and went about chasing down the race leader Braydn Nash of Synergy Sim Racing. Nathan pushing Braydn all the way to the finish, squashing quite a large gap to coming home in 2nd only .5 of second behind the leader. while Scott had an unfortunate crash at the final corner and squashed any chance of a top 20 finish, ending his race in 29th.

If you missed the live broadcast of round 1, make sure you can catch all the action here

The next round takes the team over to the small technical track of Lime Rock.

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