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Our Team

Brock is colourblind and the creator of the iRacing Pit Board software and device. He was born in Sydney, and left as soon as he could. His work has taken him across the world, but he calls Melbourne home. Brock’s sim racing journey started with games like Pole Position, Indy 500 and Days of Thunder. Today, GTs and open wheelers are his weapons of choice in iRacing, his rig consisting of a Thrustmaster T500, HPP pedals, triple screens and his very own Pit Board for all his strategic needs. Working with children check: Yes
Secretary / Treasurer
Our resident Tasmanian Josh was born and raised in Hobart. He will race anything as long as the track is Bathurst, but mostly drives prototypes, GTs and open wheelers - with the occasional crack at the V8 Supercar. When not racing, Josh can be found turning wrenches at Symmons Plains and Baskerville on old F2 cars and Formula Vees. He also does photography when time permits, and enjoys having a swing at the Golf clubs every now and then. The best in the business at giving out character references. Working with children check: Yes
Social Media Manager
Scott is FSR’s commercial manager, handling the sponsorship side of the team. After a stint of club track days in powerful Holdens, Scott turned to PC sim racing as a less expensive and safer method of getting his race on. Now sim racing for 9 years, Scott enjoys racing many kinds of car, but his favourite is the home grown, powerful V8 Supercar - though he does admit it is a bit of a love/hate relationship. Nando’s, Corona, sim racing and a sunny Perth summer day combine to create a happy Scott.
Special Events Manager
Perth boy Rhys loves to race just about anything, but his main game is in sports prototypes, being part of the AEC winning team in 2015 and continuing to help FSR towards successful campaigns in the HPD. Majoring in broadcasting at university, he commentates for v8sonline on a regular basis, and runs his own YouTube channel on the side under the name of SouthPawRacer. Rhys subsists on a diet of takeaway coffee and bad fan fiction, and writes music sometimes.
Commercial Manager
Nathan 'Huppy' Huppatz has always loved cars and racing. With a background in IT and nearly 20 years in eCommerce he has always found a way to enjoy motorsport throughout his career. Early on it was testing and writing about new cars for the online car magazines he worked for, competing in some tarmac rallies and doing some club days. For a while he ran his own side business importing JDM cars into Australia. His motorsport highlight was co-driving Peter Brock to victory in a tarmac rally. These days, with a young family, he spends spare time on iRacing - trying to be consistent and quick enough to hang with the rest of the team!
Current FSR Cup Champion
Warren hails from Brisbane, another member of FSR’s Queensland contingent. A once-aspiring karter and lover of prototypes, he renovates and 3D-prints things when he isn’t in the driver’s seat. Warren’s pastimes also include shooting zombies or robots in virtual reality, and eating things that have tomato in them.
Craig, a Melbourne local has been an active iRacer since mid 2015. He joined FSR shortly after some eye-catching drives in SMAC; his first foray into league racing. Success with the team has since followed with championships in the HPD, the Radical, and the Pro Mazda. Craig is also one of the winners of the much coveted FSR cup. A software engineer by trade and an incorrigible purveyor of dad jokes, he also has some real life motor racing experience, which he draws on in his attempt to be the cleanest and fastest sim racer he can be. A fan of downforce, he can often be found in his embarrassing homemade rig piloting FSR's endurance prototype entry, or dicing with his rivals in the Pro Mazda.
“Squizza” started sim racing at age 14. He has had many successful seasons competing in broadcasted online racing, and now helps with FSR’s endurance campaigns. In real life, he has been a drag racer since the age of 9 - being the 2012 South-East Queensland 1/8th mile Junior dragster champion - and continues to go extremely fast in a straight line to this day. His current personal best, in his father’s 572ci Chevy Beretta, is 8.64 seconds at 159 mph over the quarter mile.
Heath is the man to thank for FSR’s online file management and IT side of things - helping the team to share data and conduct business efficiently, so we can get down to racing sooner. He has driven the V8 Supercar extensively, but currently finds enjoyment in downforce cars like the HPD and Pro Mazda. Meanwhile, he is an indispensable strategist that has made many race-winning calls. Heath’s hobbies include staring at MoTec damper histograms, and insisting that he is a bad driver when he actually isn't.
“What year is it?”
Cars are in the family for Will - he started out passing spanners for his Dad’s 1966 MGB Roadster. After competing in that same car with the MG Owner’s Club, Will stepped into karting - however, as is often the case with motor racing, money became an issue. After some time away from the track, Will found iRacing in 2010 and continues competing to this day, recently becoming FSR’s main V8 Supercar guy. In the meantime, he continues to run MG track days with his father - adding a 2002 ZR to the mix!
Shift work leaves Scott with less track time than he would like, but he is still an avid and enthusiastic racer. He supports FSR as a driver, crew member and spectator, and his main stomping ground is in GTEs when it comes to racing himself. A collector of basketball sneakers, Scott can be found cruising in his beloved Chrysler 300C when not racing.
Colin is a Sydney boy who loves his racing. A former karter, Colin was unable to continue competing, and began sim racing as an alternative. He hasn’t looked back - though that doesn’t mean getting back into the kart is off the cards. When not racing the HPD ARX-01c Le Mans Prototype with FSR, Colin is enjoying space sims, reading books, and spending time with the family and dog.
Tim, like his brother Colin, hails from Sydney. A Formula One fan and hardcore gamer - League of Legends and Overwatch are in his repertoire - he has been playing racing games his whole life, and turned to iRacing on Colin’s recommendation. When not racing anything that’s multiclass, Tim enjoys the gym and rock climbing as well as all things nerdy, cooling off with some bourbon or One Fifty Lashes.
The motorsport story starts early on for Eddie, a native of Tingalpa, Queensland. His father was a dirt racer, but the funds were no more by the time Eddie was old enough to start racing himself. A long history of sim racing has followed, with Eddie racing everything from Sports Car GT, to SimBin’s GTR games, to rFactor, all the way to iRacing in the present. He helps FSR’s GT squads in sports car racing, and his personal favourite car is the Skip Barber Formula 2000.
The Spice Man was born in Bendigo, and is a ravenous consumer of motorsport of all kinds - F1, NASCAR, Supercars, anything is worth a watch. This passion feeds into Rob’s love of sim racing, starting off all the way back in the PlayStation days with Need for Speed and the Codemasters V8 Supercar games. When not racing the Ferrari 488 GTE in iRacing, he enjoys trail riding, and racing slot cars.
Andy, a former Motocross racer, eventually had to cease activities due to age and injury, and turned to sim racing as a way of scratching the competitive itch. He currently races GTs for Fusion Simracing. A huge Star Wars fan and keen gamer, he collects Star Wars memorabilia and enjoys watching Formula One… sometimes over some wood fired pizza, and a cold beer (that he likely brewed himself!).
Bobby likes swimming
Daryl is a born and raised Ballarat native who for some reason likes what is or may as well be the coldest climate in Victoria. Daryl only recently started his addiction and got into sim racing in the middle of 2016 after a long and tiring debate with the minister of finance. Starting out the the V8 Supercars, Daryl soon found his calling in the GTE.
Mike Georgiou Bio
Brett currently resides in Northern NSW with his family but spent his early childhood hearing the roar of the V8s of Brock, Moffat and co from Sandown Raceway in his bedroom in Melbourne suburbia (yes he is that old). Always a gamer, but in 2012 with an old Logitech Driving Force wheel and pedals collecting dust and a bit of time on the hands, Brett found iRacing....and the rest they say is history. Racing all sorts of vehicles on the platform but returning to GTE cars where Brett had his best result of 2nd in the Pro class championship in AMF GT series at the end of last year. Currently using VR to race and sometimes streaming on Facebook and YouTube under Bender Sim Racing and Twitch as BenderAU
Lockhart lives in Melbourne and has always loved cars but has never driven one apart from in a driveway or a go kart from time to time. He started with car games at about age 4, playing Gran Turismo 4-5-6 and Sport with a wheel, as a cheap and less time-consuming alternative to karting. He realised the full competitive aspect that he loved in the games, was done better in iRacing and made the switch mid-2019. Until 2023 Lockhart still won’t be legally able to drive a car.
Julian was born and raised in The Netherlands and decided to move to New Zealand in 2015. His first computer game was Grand Prix 2 and he started getting into iRacing seriously in 2019. Enjoys traveling and gaming, follows F1 with a passion. VR or no buy!
Garnet Patterson Bio
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