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Fusion SimRacing Development Program

What is the Fusion SimRacing Development Program (FSRDP)?

Fusion SimRacing is very keen to develop SimRacing in general, and assist with the development of driver talent.

Therefore we have established a Development Program to assist in this goal.

The FSRDP is not a team, or a sub team. It is a development program designed to assist inexperienced drivers of any age in developing their technical setup/engineering, racecraft and media skills.

Our goal is to continue to develop talent, providing a stable future for the club and maintain a high calibre of drivers and individuals.

Who can apply?

The FSRDP is not a young driver’s program, but a program to find and develop inexperienced sim racing drivers no matter their age.  Our standard driver applicant vetting process applies to the FSRDP, but we may also consider:

  • Age
  • Attitude
  • iRating growth
  • Online presence and character
  • Team fit.
Our team has a strong focus on character and team fit.

We are looking for drivers that are keen to learn and develop, race cleanly, and be professional in their behaviour.

How does the FSRDP work?

FSRDP drivers are not be treated any differently in our team. They are full team members, able to participate in team events, team meetings/votes etc and compete as a team member.

Initially there will not be a formal development structure applied to our FSRDP drivers, however we will be asking all team members to watch over the new driver(s) and identify areas of improvement or habits that should be eliminated.

FSRDP drivers will be eligible for:

  • Sharing and access to team VRS data
  • Mentoring and advice in Discord and race sessions
  • Post race comments, tips and analysis to help develop improvement
  • Track guides and walk throughs provided to the team
  • and other assistance as provided/required

Fusion SimRacing senior drivers are making a commitment to help develop talent.

Our commitment to children

The team at Fusion SimRacing believe in the safety of children and given the FSRDP could include persons under the legal age, we have taken the pledge to ensure all leadership positions have completed a working with children check.  The status of these checks can be seen on the team page.

How to I apply?

You can apply my messaging the team Facebook Page here:

Note that all approaches, whether from inexperience or experienced drivers, in a current team or not, are treated with confidentiality.

Due to the number of requests we receive, we will not be able to interview and test all applicants.

Thank you
Brock Cremer
Fusion Simracing
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